Gold Coins in Rochester, New York

We buy and sell gold bullion coins, gold commemorative coins, circulated gold coins, other gold products (like jewelry), and more! Baytowne Traders is a partner for many gold coin investors in Rochester. If you would like, we personally call you to let you know when new inventory arrives so you can be the first to invest. We also pay cash for gold coins so you can cash out your investment any time you want.

Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins are produced for investors. These are the type of gold coins that you would buy and hold on to until you are ready to sell them at a profit. Their value comes from the weight in gold. The American Gold Eagle coin is the official gold bullion coin of the United States of America.

The picture above is the front and back view of the American Eagle gold bullion coin.

Gold Commemorative Coins

Gold commemorative coins are produced for collectors. These coins are not intended for circulation because their face value is absurdly low compared to their value as a metal. An example of a commemorative gold coin is the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin.

The gold commemorative coins get their value from both their gold purity as well as their value as collectors items. You can buy and sell these coins at Baytowne Traders.

The picture above is the front and back view of the American Liberty 22th Anniversary gold commemorative coin.

Circulated Gold Coins

Circulated gold coins are old. Gold coins were still used as a general currency, like how we use cash, until the 1930s. Presently, these gold coins have value as both gold and as collectors items. If you have some to sell or if you're looking to buy please give us a call at 585-347-4482.

We Buy & Sell Gold Coins of All Purities!

Gold coins get their value from the purity and weight of the coin. Let's cover purity first.

The purity of a gold coin refers to how much of the coin is gold and how much is an alloy. An alloy is the result of mixing two or more metals to improve strength and resistance to corrosion. Gold coins are usually alloyed with silver, copper, or both.

We measure the purity of gold coins in karats. Don't mix up 'karats' with 'carats' because you use carats to measure the weight of gemstones, like diamonds.

24 karat gold is the most valuable because it is the most pure gold. To be 24 karats, the coin must be at least 99.90% gold. Some examples of 24k gold coins are American Gold Buffalos, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and Austrian Gold Philharmonics. We buy and sell each of these coins.

The second most valuable gold coin purity is 22 karats which is 91.60% gold. Some examples of 22k gold coins are American Gold Eagles and South African Krugerrands. We buy and sell each of these coins too. Please call us at 585-347-4482 to check our current inventory.

Other purities for gold coins are:

  • 18 karats (75% gold)
  • 15 karats (62.5% gold)
  • 14 karats (58.5% gold)
  • 10 karats (41.70% gold)
  • 9 karats (37.5% gold)
  • 8 karats (33.30% gold)


Where are you going to go to buy gold coins? Where are you going to go to sell your gold coins? Get a quote at a few places, then call us at Baytowne Traders and find out for yourself that we have the very best prices and deals in Rochester!